Project plan

There are lots of things to do, so feel free to join in!

In progress.

What Who Huh?
Web Daniel Brahneborg Setting up the web site, populating the cvs repository, etc.


What Who Huh?
Relationship dict - Open - The relationships should be moved to a separate dictionary.
Roles - Open - It should be possible to add roles to entities.
Entity/Item Editors - Open - The editors for entities and items should be easily customizable.
XML/DTD - Open - Definitions of the entities should be stored in an XML file.

Things to do first.

What Who Huh?

Things to do later.

What Who Huh?
DBM backend - Open - We might need a dbm backend as a subclass to QbDataSource.
Attribute permissions - Open - We might need permissions on attributes.

Things to do in case the need comes up.

What Who Huh?

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